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Epic Adventures has placed several Geo-Caches in and around Nipigon, its surrounding communities and its pristine wilderness.  Geo-Caching is basically a modern day treasure hunt using a GPS, simply input the coordinates of the geo-cache into a GPS unit and begin searching.  Find the geo-cache, sign the log book and swap items.

Searching for an Epic Adventures geo-cache tends to be more of an adventure, so enjoy and have fun.

Jackfish Island Cache - N 48*59.423     W088*05.878

Nipigon-Red Rock Trail Stairway to Heaven Cache - N 48*58.341     W088*16.381

Pancake Island Kayak Cache - N 49*00.555     W088*15.214

SplitRock Lookout Trail Cache - N 49*16.517     W088*20.096